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Jellycious Rebrands as Cloudbnb
March 1st, 2021

Today, we are changing our name from Jellycious to Cloudbnb.

We started this business as a Jelly drink seller in July 2020, when we lost our livelihood due to the pandemic we are facing.

We have evolved to a cloud kitchen selling Japanese meals in a bowl paired with our yummy Jelly dessert drinks in a bottle and our customers love it!

The new brand name of "Cloudbnb" comes from "Cloud Kitchen" and "Cloud 9" and bnb means "Bowls and Bottles" which is our unique way of serving.

Our logo has also changed a little bit.

Our icon "Bottle-chan" remains as a symbol for dessert in a bottle and we welcome her friend "Bowl-kun", a symbol for Meal in a Bowl and they are floating on the cloud.

We aim to become the best Japanese fast-food chain in the Philippines and we serve you the most affordable authentic Japanese meal.

Thank you!

Julie Bulaklak

Founder, Cloudbnb